I-Fluid  v.7. 1. 1940

I-Fluid is a great game that will plunge you into an exciting and unprecedented physic-based adventure where the smallest and most common object can become your worst enemy.

OpenDDPT  v.0.3.2

The physic of the real world can be formulated into mathematical form using differential equations. Differential equation and systems of differential equations are the natural language trough we can describe any real devices like electronic circuit,


Draw a Stack!  v.

Draw blocks and try to balance them! Features: - 40 levels - physic powered - support

BouncingMarble  v.

Bouncing marble is a physic and puzzle game, just, to be clear, "like angry bird" and "cute the rope". In brief, you have to reach a target using your brain. The game starts simple, you have to drive the yellow marble into the hole, the problem is

BuzzKetBalls  v.

Shoot some hoops with BuzzketBalls. Balls are randomly generated, some are small, some are heavy and some are bouncy. The laws of physic rule.

LevelHelper  v.1.0

Top Features- Create complex levels with physic in just minutes.

SpriteHelperFree  v.1.4.2002

SpriteHelper is a comprehensive and efficient tool which brings you a texture editor and a polygon shape creator for Box2D (multiple ports) and Chipmunk Physic Engines.

Compact calculator - CompactCalc  v.4.2.22

CompactCalc is an enhanced scientific calculator for Windows with an expression editor. It embodies generic floating-point routines, hyperbolic and transcendental routines.

Counter-Strike: Source  v.24.0

Counter-Strike: Source (CSS) is a game from the Counter-Strike series which emerged originally as a Halflife`s mod. Like it's predecesors, is a FPS (First Person Shooter) game, released in late 2004.

PG Calculator (Second Edition)  v.

PG Calculator is a powerfull scientific calculator and an excellent replacement for standard calculator. It ofers full customizable user inteface and looks like real calculator on user desktop. PG Calculator works in Algebraic and RPN modes.

Lesson Loader  v.1 5

Lesson Loader is a useful application that allows you to load files from different programs (including Powerpoint, Excel, Word, image files, and video files) to display presentations or lessons allowing you to save a lot of time.

Scientific Calculator CR80E  v.1.0

CR80E - Scientific calculator for Windows. 123 functionalities. Date, normal and binomial distribution calculations. Mean and ratio confidence interval estimation. Determinant, combinatory, lcm, gcm. User's Manual in PDF

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